Melanie Fisher

I pick apart flowers and leaves and fruit to investigate what is enclosed, learning how things are connected inside an external protective skin. I create “clay specimens,” drawing inspiration from the systems of natural science, visualizing the process of which scientists research microscopic characteristics. Extremely research based, my process begins with time consuming reading and deep thought to allow me to find endless connections between my research and my work, stemming from universal issues, emotions, and personal narratives that are important to me. I obsessively create clay forms that reference natural science and juxtapose them with other materials that reference laboratory settings. By combining these two elements, I am creating a setting emphasizing the urge to observe these clay forms as specimens that are not in their natural setting, but preserved and displayed for study.

There are uncanny similarities between all living things on Earth, specifically plant, animal and human. I spend endless hours connecting my observations of the world with my readings with my interactions with others with my past experiences in a cyclical fashion until I create fictional forms that explore the themes I research on both micro and macro scales.